Our mission is contribute to national economy, with clean development of our country Waste Plastic Recycling Process Industry and carry out cooperate-project that is designed for partner's mutual business information exchange & welfare improvement, by supporting of partner's independent business activity & developing of business each.



  1. Cooperate projects of production, processing, order, sale, buying, storage, transport, improvement of environment, trademark, service, extra... In addition, creation, management, administration of area & cooperation facility for it

  2. Planning & control for project adjustment of partner each other Control toward take charge government, if she who is not medium and small companies violate the operation of association

  3. Protection of project area for medium and small companies & systemizing service between commissioned company by law about inter-company cooperation promotion and trusted partner. and its control

  4. Articles toward experiment research & inspection & industrial standardization about the product that is produce by partner

  5. Loan of fund for association own project & make a loan or service of project fund toward partner. Merely, loan of project fund is limited to own fund that is prepared by association

  6. Project about an offer of information & education, research, guidance of administration / technology & quality control toward partner's business

  7. Contract of group agreement for planning that is economical profit of partner

  8. Establishment of origin subsidiary materials that is needed to production of partner & export of product that is produce by partner

  9. Commissioned project from national government ? local self government organization or central association (Include in public company according as national government)

  10. Welfare toward partner

  11. Installation & management of sales area & international exhibition for expert improvement of partner

  12. A proposal toward government & communication matters for clean development & rights report of partner

  13. And all project that is gain the approval of take charge government's, as a profit project for achievement of mission statement

  14. Project of article 1 or 13 and its related addition project